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Mark Baker (
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 18:52:37 -0500

At 03:32 PM 5/4/97 PST, I Find Karma wrote:
>In some sense, Ron, this is absolutely true. JavaBeans has been dying a
>slow, painful death over the past year. A year ago, it was a compelling
>technology with much potential; a year later, how much further as a
>technology are they really?

They're not.

But you've got to start someplace. Beans v1.0 directly attacks ActiveX,
which is a start. Beans, the next generation, is in the works. I was
asked by a research firm hired by Javasoft (Nadel Phalen) to summarize
my views on where Beans should be going.

I suggested that they work more closely with Apple in moving the AWT
to compound docs (Frames/Facets) ala OpenDoc. Now that OpenDoc is
toast, it can likely be "cannibalized" (I forget who used that term
in this context first), so that some of the more heavyweight features
can be toned down for the sake of performance.

BTW, Miko is still with Javasoft. He has a pseudo-regular column in
JavaReport (SIGS) now.


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