Re:A few tidbits from JavaOne

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Sun, 6 Apr 97 13:51:44 PDT

MarkB stated...

> >Wait, I thought Beans v1.0 has a bridge that can work directly with
> >ActiveX if the developer so desires.
> That's right. Isn't that "attacking"? It means that if you build a
> Java Bean, you have the choice of embedding yourself in any kind of
> container. By picking ActiveX, you're stuck on Wintel. That's a
> pretty compelling reason to build Beans and not OCXs, I'd say.

Assuming you buy the argument that someone besides Wintel will be around
in a few years. I'm not convinced that most 3rd-party and 4th-party
developers believe this. And if they pick to specifically develop with
ActiveX, they get all kinds of cool non-portable plug-ins, right?

> >Or even better... move to a fully realized component model where any
> >component can send messages to any other component, in any container,
> >anywhere... :)
> How about a java.ii package? 8-)

I can dream... :)

> You II folks should bug Waldo et al at Javasoft East and try and
> get early access to JavaSpaces. Looks extremely cool. The second
> alpha draft spec came out a few weeks back.

Yeah, I read it, and it looks cool, I just don't know who to beg on the
JavaSpaces team to get access to it... and the first alpha draft spec
came out months ago... which makes it tough to be patient since it might
be year's end before they roll out a beta.

> Things still have to settle down from the IBM/Sun/Oracle/Novell(!)
> get-together.

Novell's new CEO is a SUN worshipper. :)

Wait, details on this get together? I thought they were talking smart
cards - or was that something else? (Stock tip: buy Motorola, they're
reorganizing to make smartcards a top priority... :)

> I'm sure they're working on the big picture, but I
> have no idea what form it might take. But with all that CommonPoint
> and OpenDoc knowledge, I'm betting it'll be good.

And whatever it is, it will be CORBA-compliant. :)

Wait, that's three smileys in a row, I think I have to get into the
penalty box now...


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