Re:A few tidbits from JavaOne

Ron Resnick (
Sun, 6 Apr 1997 17:41:46 -0400 (EDT)

At 03:32 PM 4/5/97 PST, Adam Rifkin wrote:

>What I'm trying to say is, hype is nothing, Beans could have been a
>really good SHIPPING technology by now if they had someone like Ron at
>the helm...

Umm, Adam, you don't know me very well :-)). My association with SHIPPING
technologies hasn't been exactly stellar in the last couple of years :-).
That's one
of the reasons I decided I needed to do penance by banishing myself to some
lowly role in an obscure IBM research lab to get my basic software development
skills back in shape - 'nuff of this 'architecture of the future' crap (at
as a day job).

Still, thanks for the accolades - they _do_ make me feel better, you know ;-).



.sig fun time :-)

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>In other words: there's an Orb-like thingie in just about everything,
>supporting a queryable BO that can do meaningful things ?
> -- Sandor Spruit
>In other words, there's a HTTP server in every device with a processor
>and a port which can use PEP and HTML to offer a meaningful, composable
>interface to any other HTTP client?
> -- Rohit Khare

You do realize, of course, that the 2 quotes above say _exactly_ the same
thing, provided you substitute the correct isomporhisms in
'Orb', 'BO', 'HTTP', 'HTML'?

I do mean to get back to our Mt. Clue discussion - it's been awful fun with -
oh, what's the current count - Adam, Rohit, Ernie, even Mark on the Goliath
side, and lil'ol'me on the David side - sounds like my kind of odds :-).
Unfortunately, the reality of "life outside of FoRK" (yes there is such a
thing for those of us with young mouths to feed) prevents the full blown
response I have planned. Stay tuned though. Get ready for my smashing
comeback to Dr. E's strong volley - "chemistry indeed, scoffed he indignantly.
I'm no chemist - I'm an alchemist, renowned for making whisky from water!"

On to my psycho-profile:

Given FoRK = f(FoG)
Then dist-obj = FoRR = f'(FoRK) = f'(f(FoG)) != FoG
Which is why, of course, the universe *needs* an FoAR list, to reconcile
these otherwise irreconcilible differences... But I digress. Ron is
well-studied in the affairs of Wizards, but he dares not meddle in their
affairs, for he is crunchy and tastes good with ketchup. :)

FoG, I take it, is Friends of God? I mean, who else would Rohit
pattern himself off?

As to FoAR, go ahead and set it up, I'll join!! I can always use more karma.

Finally: crunchy da, ketchup nyet. My wife swears I taste better all
slicked up in peanut oil, ... but I'm sure you really didn't want to know that.