Re:A few tidbits from JavaOne

I Find Karma (
Sun, 6 Apr 97 15:33:44 PDT

> This is why Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been hailed as a masterpiece
> of the blender's art.

For more fun with Johnnie Walker Blue, add one Rohit Khare, one Narita
airport, and 10,000 screaming Japanese...

> Bottle No. Y49416. half gone. sob :-( . But still half full. :-) !

Some people see the bottle as half empty.
Room sees the bottle as half full.
I see the bottle as twice as big as it should be.

> >In other words: there's an Orb-like thingie in just about everything,
> >supporting a queryable BO that can do meaningful things ?
> > -- Sandor Spruit
> >In other words, there's a HTTP server in every device with a processor
> >and a port which can use PEP and HTML to offer a meaningful, composable
> >interface to any other HTTP client?
> > -- Rohit Khare
> You do realize, of course, that the 2 quotes above say _exactly_ the
> same thing, provided you substitute the correct isomporhisms in
> 'Orb', 'BO', 'HTTP', 'HTML'?

Well, it's a conceptual leap of faith to say these two statements are
the same.

> "life outside of FoRK"

Redundant statement.

> > Given FoRK = f(FoG)
> > Then dist-obj = FoRR = f'(FoRK) = f'(f(FoG)) != FoG
> FoG, I take it, is Friends of God? I mean, who else would Rohit
> pattern himself off?

Nice guess, but FoG is Friends of Gordoni.

> As to FoAR, go ahead and set it up, I'll join!! I can always use more karma.

Trust me, FoAR would be WAAAY too dangerous to have. Forget I even
suggested it.

> Finally: crunchy da, ketchup nyet. My wife swears I taste better all
> slicked up in peanut oil, ... but I'm sure you really didn't want to
> know that.

Too... much... information... back in the penalty box with me!


Bart: I've made my bed, and now I've gotta weasel out of it.
Marge: I know you think the junior campers are square and uncool, but
they also do a lot of neat things, like sing-a-longs and flag
Homer: Marge, don't discourage the boy. Weaseling out of things is
important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals.
Except the weasels, of course.