Re:A few tidbits from JavaOne

Mark Baker (
Sun, 06 Apr 1997 23:23:34 -0400

At 01:51 PM 6/4/97 PDT, I Find Karma wrote:
>And if they pick to specifically develop with
>ActiveX, they get all kinds of cool non-portable plug-ins, right?

'fraid so.

>> Things still have to settle down from the IBM/Sun/Oracle/Novell(!)
>> get-together.
>Novell's new CEO is a SUN worshipper. :)

Yep. I'm surprised I didn't see the announcement go out over FoRK.
It's Eric Schmidt, ex Sun "chief scientist" (is that right?), in case
anybody hasn't heard.

>Wait, details on this get together? I thought they were talking smart
>cards - or was that something else? (Stock tip: buy Motorola, they're
>reorganizing to make smartcards a top priority... :)

I was referring to the post a couple weeks back about the 4 (Novell
wasn't in it at the time) who had promised to start working together
to beat up on Microsoft (I forgot Netscape from the group). If I
remember correctly, you responded wondering what the big deal was.
Doubter! 8-)

The CORBA/Beans announcement was the first fruit of that agreement.

>Wait, that's three smileys in a row, I think I have to get into the
>penalty box now...

Two minutes for looking so good ... er, nevermind, Canadian thing.


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