Re: Cameo in ToTN 2.01 (?!)

I Find Karma (
Mon, 7 Apr 97 12:59:59 PDT

> I tried (and failed, I feel) to explain the Web, and kept monologuing
> for far too long without letting Bob guide me back to explanations which
> make sense to the lay public.

Rohit without an interpreter!?! The horror! The horror!
Talk about your lack of safety 'Nets...

> Here's the punchline: Stephen explained that when shooting video, they
> expect an edit ratio of 20 or 30 to 1. Which means that... yes... you
> got it, 97% of what's filmed is clueless, 50% was idiotic
> self-censoring, and a mere 3% of clue is left behind for these poor
> folks to sift out. [For non-FoRKers, the 97% rule is the First
> Commandment: 97% of anything is clueless -- think of it as Sturgeon's
> law, squared -- and this rule is recursive. See Adam Rifkin's
> explanation in his FAQ at ]

To be exact,


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