Re: Thought on new Apple hardware.

CobraBoy (
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 09:10:18 -0700

Rohit Khare at 6:06 AM -0700 on 4/7/97, got, bought, or stole a clue and
wrote :

* It *cannot* be that simple. Which means it probably is, but no
* self-respecting engineer within today's Orthodoxy would ever discover
* it. No one's ever done a good job at a processor-neutral 'swinger'
* motherboard... but perhaps it's not impossible.

Well let's think about it.

what do you have?

SCSI: Standard across all CPU's so no problem there
Audio: Don't really see any real problems, if it is "real" SB only a
Solaris driver is needed
Video: Drivers needed
Video Capture: Uses QuickTime, drivers needed
Eithernet: (Intel Spec) Solaris Driver
PCI bus (maybe one slot) again Intel Standard, Solaris driver

So I don't see a problem..

* More to the point, I don't think there's a case it would save Apple.

Well they aren't going to just go away, it's really a matter of saving them
from Sony/Kodak/Daewoo or someone



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