Pager Response Winners!

CobraBoy (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:43:53 -0700

1st place and Grand Prize winner of the recent "Tim Byars Purchases Pager"
went to Alex Grossman of Micronet Technology, who
actually picked up the phone and paged me.

His reply along with a page;

* Tim,
* You are one sick dude.... With WAY too much time on your hands...
* But, I gotta admit it had me rolling.
* I take exception to:
* After all who are his friends? Rock stars, porno girls, and geeks.
* See Ya,
* Alex


1st place in the clever reply category goes to Chuck Holland with;

* What a SICK PUPPY you are......folded on another one of your pet peeves, I
* thought you said that pocket pagers led to male sterility...?????......Are
* you wading in the shallow end of the gene pool again...???....B^)......Chuck

A very close second goes to Jack Putman

* Awesome press release. So. It's just an april fools joke isn't it. Besides,
* if you got a pager it would just be for the vibrating action, right? Then all
* your friends can call you "for a good time", right? So will you now become
* "pageboy", and start hanging out with playboy bunnies, huh?

And third place goes to Tommy Lee with;

* T


1st place in picking up on a theme and running with it goes to Nikki Sixx with;

* In a message dated 4/1/97 3:58:03 PM, you wrote:
* <<After all who are his friends? Rock stars, porno girls, and geeks.
* None of which have an attention span of more than 30 seconds."
* >>


1st Place in picking out a direct reference goes to Ernest Prabhakar

* >> "I really can't
* comment on this. I have to look this up in the bible." <<
* That would be me?


1st place in the unsolicited chick response goes to Shelia Hartley

* Tim:
* Has anyone ever told you that you are THE MOST negative person on the
*face of the EARTH?


1st place in the "I just can't win" category goes to Mark Dadgar
mailto:mdadgar@Auspex.Com with;

* What?! No email access?!
* Get with the '90's, man!
* :)
* - Mark


Thanks to all that responded.



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Space exists so everything doesn't happen to you.

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