The billions Bill Gates really wants.

Joe Kiniry (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:58:58 -0700

I. Find Karma writes:
> Current information week discusses the next billion that Bill Gates
> wants: a billion transactions a day.
> > Once again, Microsoft has big plans: to create Windows NT systems that
> > support 10,000 concurrent users, 1 billion transactions a day, and 1
> > terabyte of data. Can Microsoft pull it off?

so why is it the case that a
company-to-remain-nameless-but-i'm-close-to needs _eleven_ NT servers
exclusively devoted to Microsoft Exchange to support 3,500 users?

of course, this isn't even _touching_ the fact that one server goes
down every other night....

you know, i just might make it my goal in life...


Joseph R. Kiniry
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