RE: The billions Bill Gates really wants.

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 12:34:54 -0700

>> "I have been chided to keep my mouth shut until we
have it in the
>> bag," says Jim Gray, database guru and senior
researcher in
>> Microsoft's Bay Area Research Center in San

>But only BillG is allowed to say so.

Isn't that standard, though? The CEO always gets to blurt out whatever
he wants. Ellison is famous for this as well.

BTW (name drop alert, sorry) Jim's my boss, although I'm not working on
the 1TB project. It's really pretty strange, BTW, seeing 1TB fit in the
same volume that a couple of VAX/780s (with less than a GB total of
disk) took just a few years ago.

>> the momentum of Windows NT will pull SQL Server
along, displacing
>> Informix, Sybase, and Computer Associates and leaving
>> Microsoft, and IBM to battle it out for market

> Which is why Oracle's been so nervous lately...

Oracle already understands NT very well. (See
Oracle should have enough clues and technology and marketing (god yes)
to stay ahead of Microsoft indefinitely in the Enterprise arena. If they
let Microsoft catch up, it's their own damn fault.

- Joe

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