RE: The billions Bill Gates really wants.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 10 Apr 97 18:09:17 PDT

In response to joebar...

> Isn't that standard, though? The CEO always gets to blurt out whatever
> he wants. Ellison is famous for this as well.

This is also (I think) why Rohit wants to be a CEO. So *he* can blurt
out whatever, whenever, wherever, without having to excuse or explain
himself... :)

> BTW (name drop alert, sorry) Jim's my boss, although I'm not working on
> the 1TB project. It's really pretty strange, BTW, seeing 1TB fit in the
> same volume that a couple of VAX/780s (with less than a GB total of
> disk) took just a few years ago.

Wow, I have a book by Jim (with A. Reuter) -- everything I learned on
Transaction Processing I learned from those guys. (And NOTHING I
learned about TP I learned from Nancy Lynch et al - impenetrable smurgen
academic mentalclustermuck drivel of a book - 'nuff said.)

> Oracle already understands NT very well. (See
> Oracle should have enough clues and technology and marketing (god yes)
> to stay ahead of Microsoft indefinitely in the Enterprise arena. If they
> let Microsoft catch up, it's their own damn fault.

Agreed. Oracle has sloppy company policies anyway, from talking with
some of their employees. In the battle of the dinosaurs, they're plant
eaters who will one day get chomped by a T-Rex. And deserve has nothing
to do with that.


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