RE: The billions Bill Gates really wants.

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 05:10:25 -0700


>> Once again, Microsoft has big plans: to create Windows NT systems
>> support 10,000 concurrent users, 1 billion transactions a day, and 1
>> terabyte of data. Can Microsoft pull it off?

> Sure, easy. For part 1 just redefine "user". For part 2 wait for
> hardware improvements. The proper way to do part 3 would be with a
> 64-bit OS which "supports" 16 million terabytes, but of course they
> won't do that any time soon. Much easier to stay with 32-bit NT and
> kludge it with a few functions for accessing databases over 4 Gigs.

The billion transaction a day system is already put together and

The Win32 API already handles 64 bit files. The 1 TB database runs on
standard NT 4.0.

> PS: Perhaps someone can help my Dad with his PeeCee (recent Dell

How much memory does your dad's machine have? And what percentage of the
disk is used? It's likely that fragmentation is not the problem.

If you really need a defrag program, the Win95 plus pack (for about $45)
has one, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

Why isn't he running Linux? Surely you can find shareware word
processors and stuff so that he doesn't have to use Windows, right?

- Joe

PS. $45 quote from$s

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