Re: The billions Bill Gates really wants.

CobraBoy (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 05:44:48 -0700

Robert Harley at 3:29 AM -0700 on 4/11/97, came up with this gem :


* Anyway, my Dad suspects that the problem is massive fragmentation of
* the HD. Back in 1987 when we bought our first RISC OS machine, it had
* code in ROM that munged every disc from the 800K floppies to the 20MB
* Winchester HD incrementally and transparently in the background so
* they never became fragmented, but now that he's downgraded to Win95 he
* needs a defrag program. Any suggestions for a decent one?

well of course Win'95 has it's own built in, or maybe that comes with the
"Plus" add on.

Most people just use Norton.



It takes Microsoft 10 years to get rid of the mess when you boot, why should we believe that you can make Windows easy to program in only two years ?" - S.Jobs to Microsoft's J. Allchin

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