Information == kudos == money.

I Find Karma (
Fri, 11 Apr 97 13:05:47 PDT

Forget the cheesy analogy, information == money still is a good model.
It's amazing that, even in places where Java has no business sticking
its little name in a press release, it shows up, as if to add instant
credibility to an otherwise iffy idea.

> Visa USA CEO Carl Pascarella says that "InfoMoney" -- a combination of
> paper bills and personal data -- will be the key to next-generation
> electronic commerce: "We are moving from a value exchange to an
> information exchange. Information is becoming the new currency." Visa
> recently outlined its global chip card strategy based on the Java
> programming language, with cards that enable consumers to store personal
> data, applets and financial information. "We need to be able to provide
> this information exchange over open networks the same way we do over
> proprietary networks today... The Internet sprung from technology, but
> will succeed due to human behavior." (Computer Reseller News 9 Apr 97)

WILL succeed? WILL succeed? And what is it now, mashed potatoes?


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