Re: FW: Slate on orgasms

I Find Karma (
Sun, 13 Apr 97 19:02:34 PDT

> First, we find out that men are obsolete, since women can now
> reproduce by cloning without any help from men. Now, with an orgasm
> pill, our last reason for existence may be gone.

Why do men keep women around? Because sheep can't cook.
Why do women keep men around? Mostly for entertainment.


Traditional object technologies present three obstacles to creating a
component software market. Problem 1: Distributing objects with their
source code. Problem 2: Reusing objects across different languages.
Problem 3: Relinking or recompiling an entire application when one
object changes. COM solves all three problems.
-- David Chappell, _Understanding ActiveX and OLE, Microsoft Press, 1996