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Joe Barrera at 2:40 AM -0800 on 4/14/97, came up with this gem :

* Hey Beavis,
* You dumb-ass. Heh heh.


* BTW, you bitch about the "Wintel cartel" and yet you let your father buy
* a Pentium. Meanwhile I'm writing this on a Cyrix 6x86-200. Hmm.

Doesn't Apple own the majority of AMD?

NE Way here is something interesting with my comments added.

* New Macs Combine Powerpc With Intel Chips -- Apple opts to
* simplify lifeline
* By Ken Yamada
* Cupertino, Calif. -- Apple Computer Inc.'s 300MHz Macintosh
*and new add-in cards VARs
* can use for upgrading systems with Intel Corp. processors were
*ideas that originated from the
* executive suite.
* Chairman and Chief Executive Gilbert Amelio, Executive Vice
*President of Marketing
* Guerrino De Luca and Senior Vice President of Hardware Jon
*Rubinstein think the key to an
* Apple comeback is in serving its primary market:existing
*Macintosh customers.
* "The decision [on new products] goes back to them," said Phil
*Schiller, Apple vice president
* of desktop product marketing. "[They believe] it's time to
*simplify the product line."

Ok, this bozo is clueless, keep reading.

* With that thinking, Apple has launched a marketing campaign
*that focuses on the Power
* Macintosh name. Earlier this month, the Cupertino-based
*computer maker unveiled new
* desktop Macintosh systems, including the 300MHz model and
*dual-processor versions that
* combine PowerPC chips with processors from Intel and Cyrix Corp.
* To further extend its PC compatibility options, Apple plans to
*begin shipping in volume next
* month new dual-processor Macintoshes and an add-in card with a
*166MHz Pentium
* processor. The add-in card is priced at $1,000.
* Schiller said the move does not signal Apple is moving its
*operating system to the Intel
* architecture. Rather, the company's strategy is to give its
*Macintosh customers added
* flexibility when working with Windows programs. Other versions
*of the PC compatibility
* technology with faster Intel chips are being planned, he said.
*"This is not by any stretch the
* end of the line," he said.

Apple's OS (NeXTStep) does run on Intel hardware. Apple's has by default
moved there OS to Intel hardware.

* The dual-processor systems come in two models:the 7300/180
*containing a 180MHz
* PowerPC chip and a 166MHz Pentium chip is priced at $3,200;
*the 4400/200, containing a
* 200MHz PowerPC chip and a 166MHz Cyrix chip, is priced at $2,400.

huh? why not just put 200 mhz chips all around in them? also I have to
wonder how Apple is handling I/O functions. PPC's use a divide by 4 for the
bus, Intel boxes use a divide by 3. (which is why a P-133 is faster than a
P150, or why a PPC 150 is as fast as a PPC 180)

* Apple will ship the new products through its existing
*distribution channels.
* The 300MHz model, called Power Macintosh 6500, will ship in
*May priced at $3,000. Other
* 6500 models, consisting of a 250MHz version and a 275MHz
*version, will be priced at
* $2,600 and $3,000, respectively.
* The 6500 model features a totally redesigned graphics
*subsystem, which Apple claims
* improves 3-D graphics performance by as much as 10 times and
*doubles the performance of
* video capture and playback.
* Apple's new products are aimed at its core customers, existing
*Macintosh users. The
* company's strategy is based on first serving its installed
*base, simplifying the product line and
* providing targeted solutions.
* Consequently, the new Macintosh models are bundled with
*hardware and software targeted at
* three markets-home, small business and multimedia development.
*For example, the
* small-business bundle comes with software for business
*productivity, financial management
* and Internet access.
* Motorola Inc. manufactures the 300MHz 603e PowerPC chip used
*by Apple. A Motorola
* official said the new processor consumes a maximum of 5 watts
*of power, compared with
* 15.5 watts for a 200MHz Pentium. The lower power consumption
*makes the new PowerPC
* well-suited for notebook systems. However, neither Motorola
*nor Apple representatives
* would divulge their future notebook plans.


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