Re: [FLASH -- old now] Irvine, here I come...

Richard N. Taylor (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 19:40:47 -0700

At 10:59 AM -0400 4/14/97, Rohit Khare wrote:
>[I was wondering why there was no rsponse to this news.. it never made it out
>last Thursday!... sigh, RK]
>I just had a chat with the Chairman, and we decided W3C endorses my
>decision to move on as well, that since it's not a commercial
>corporation, they're not going to lobby me to stay. It's certainly an
>ego boost to hear that my departure will be a big loss and a diffcult
>hole to patch since I did so much, but it's also a balm to move on in
>good graces and with a special relationship intact.
>So now the question is June or September start, depending on
>book-writing and consulting ventures. Dr. Taylor: I haven't gotten the
>forms in the mail, but it will be FedEx'd by April 15th.
>Thanks to all of you for your support,
>Rohit Khare

Super news from my perspective! We're looking forward to your arrival.