Re: Oracle wants Apple; Constellation changed to Netcast.

Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:03:06 -0700 (PDT)

> Why would Apple WANT this???

THis is what is calleda hostile takeover. Apple's mangaement is irrelevant,
if they can convince the shareholders/board of directors. Of course, Apple's
board is reputedly very conservative and chummy. If large institutional
investors decided they need new management, or are gettinga good price, they'd
pressure the board into selling. However, since Oracle/Ellison (he never
gets his story straight on who's buying or why) won't offer a price premium,
if seems unlikely.

The only positive thing would be if he completed the hardware/software split,
so MacOS/Rhapsody could reach higher sales volumes and market share. But I
doubt the turmoil would help, overall.

> delivers 1.2 pixels of information

Hmm, at 32 bits per pixel that would be about 38 bits. For a $1,00
(whoops, $1,000) camera, at that.
Or di they mean megapixel? :-)