Robert X. Cringely, redux.

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Tue, 15 Apr 97 18:42:05 PDT

Wow, this IS good reading.

> the tale is testimony to the opportunistic traits of Mr. Stephens, who
> came to realize that the Cringely persona was more valuable than his
> own, to the point that some people wonder where Cringely ends and
> Stephens begins.

*evil grin*

> He is working on another Cringely book and a possible TV series, and
> commands up to $5,000 for Cringely speeches.

For the Canon talks, you could say *we* command $5000 each for speeches,

> Cringely has been an affliction to computer companies since 1986.

What a great line.

> "Accidental Empires," which helped make Cringely a high-priced pundit,
> argues that the industry was shaped by lucky nerds out to impress
> their friends. That thesis grates on executives like Mr. Gates, chief
> of Microsoft Corp., who also disputes an anecdote in the book that
> describes the billionaire as scrounging in his pockets for coupons at
> a checkout counter.

See, Rohit, anecdotes don't even have to be real. Just start making
stuff up, and the bits will flow.

> "He claims a doctorate in communications from Stanford University; it
> says its records show only a master's degree."

And you don't even need to get a PhD. Just tell everyone you have one;
who's gonna bother to doublecheck anyway?


Did any of them offer suggestions how to rewrite the sentences without
semicolons or did they just sit there counting semicolons like apes
picking lice off each other??
-- Richard Goodman