Re: 10 Commandments of FoRKposting.

CobraBoy (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 19:19:49 -0700

I Find Karma at 6:50 PM -0700 on 4/15/97, came up with this gem :

* So I've been thinking lately... what makes an ideal FoRKpost?
* Is there a "10 Commandments of FoRKposting" that was handed
* on the mountain to Rohit, but never articulated until now?
* I think so. And I'm ready to let this cat out of the bag.
* Nothing this good stays underground forever.
* Basically, if you read something good, interesting, or worthwhile, send
* a note to, obeying the Ten Commandments of FoRKposting.
* They are....


I had all sorts of things to say about all this until here.

* o The unwritten (until now) Eleventh Commandment is that Tim Byars
* shalt break at least one commandment with every post, 100% of the
* time, thereby breaking not only some commandment, but also the 97%
* rule, thereby disrupting the very fabric of the FoRK known universe.
* (Actually, he comes close to breaking all ten commandments with
* some posts, a feat unrivaled on FoRK. :)

However, this sort of changes it all doesn't it? You see I go to 11. Most
only go to 10. That's one more.

Anyway, it is nice to have a 11th for just you. And as in life I have
proven in cyber that you can break all 10 commandments and live to see
another day.

So on with some Tim stuff.

Many of you have written me asking about what direction Apple is headed.
Well I do my best, if Joe will promise to keep this under his hat.

Remember my cryptic FoRK heading, Apple = NeXT. Well that just about sums
it up. Think on that grasshopper.

The reason IBM is pissed is that Apple = NeXT doesn't see a real reason to
continue making hardware. They have jettisoned there Printers, scanners,
and whatever else. They actually only make Monitors, CPU's and Laptops.
They can have anyone make a monitor, and the clone vendors have proven to
be very good at making Apple cpu's and there is no reason to think they
couldn't make Laptops.

As to Ellison, he is not going to do anything that Steve doesn't want to
happen. However a take over is a good way to get out of the hardware
business isn't it? Las Vegas business. Buy a hotel, file Chapter 11, start
with a clean slate.

Apple = NeXT

The problem is this. How do you move to this business model, when your
customer base is graphics and video and sound, and you have 350 mhz G3 SMP
machines with D1 in and out sitting there ready to go? If you have a good
answer please write or larry@oracle.

Apple = NeXT

As to Java support in Rhapsody. Avi isn't stupid.

Apple = NeXT

If you were trying to build a software company what would you do?

Apple = NeXT

As to the running Rhapsody apps on NT, OpenStep already runs on top of NT.
So the idea is a NT runtime for Rhapsody developers.

Apple = NeXT

Well there it is. As to my cryptic subject lines, Rohit, if your going to
be a PHD you sure as shit should be able to write some sort of Grep search
engine for the archives. Then if you can't remember, or don't know me well
enough to figure I would post about UltraSparcs with a subject called "Will
it run NT?" everyone can use that.



11 and counting....