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Wed, 16 Apr 1997 11:40:55 -0700

New PowerPC Gets a Name

By Macworld Staff

G3 chip will be called PowerPC 750

Motorola and IBM have named the first new PowerPC CPU due this year. What
they had
code-named Arthur and G3 will be officially known as the PowerPC 750,
according to
sources within the Motorola Computer Group. Motorola's PowerPC division
would not
confirm the reports, which Macworld cited earlier this month.

Starting at 250MHz and getting faster over time, this CPU should
outperform today's
PowerPC 604e's in most everyday tasks, although it won't perform
engineering and 3-D
calculations as quickly as the 604e does.

Still unnamed is the G4 CPU , which is due by the end of the year. This
will outperform the
604e and 750 and is likely to run at 300MHz and faster, although Motorola
and IBM have
not yet committed to any megahertz ratings for the G4.



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