non-empty empty bits; Irvine

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 14:03:35 -0700

>From: Rohit Khare []
> Joe B --
> Ah, but it *isn't* an empty forwarded message (no, Klassa, not in the
> you meant :-). It's nonempty because it carries bits -- the mere bits
> say "this agenda is FoRKworthy" :-)

I don't know, sometimes this list is just a bit too Zen for me. But I
can't leave now - who else could help with the Win95 problems that
everyone has? :-)

BTW, my wife Juliet went to UCI for undergrad, and we lived there
together her last year there. Do you have an idea where you're going to
live, i.e., on campus or in Costa Mesa or...? I'd stay away from getting
anything actually in the city of Irvine, where the Irvine Company owns
all the rental properties...

- Joe

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