Re: Welcome Anteater!

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 19:07:12 -0400 (EDT)


> Congratulations, Anteater-san!

Hey, I thought by know we were closer than that, Wayne-kun...

> May you never suffer formic acid deficiency.

No, no generally, it's lactic acid buildup in the muscles before any serious
exertion hits...

> I hope you don't find grad school too dull after all your recent adventures!

As Dan says, "you make the world around you". Well, I don't know about making
it better, but I sure understand making it chaotic :-)

> his bits, via MBone. I understand that the Real-A/V folks may be redigitizi
> the proceedings and may make some kind of archive, so perhaps I'll get to see
> it eventually.

I believe they will. It's quite hilarious -- I was the plant in the audience
spreading the ugly rumor that if we all boo'd and hiss'd when he tried his
fake-out 'cake-column' maneuver, he'd chomp the genuine article.

> Just between FoRK and me, see
> (Tremble, Eisner!) It's probably blocked in Germany, since it contains the
> word "semen".

Eisner trembles enough that no matter how often we meet Hillis, Disney don't
join. Of course, that's more due to our nonexistent marketing...

> For every PhD there is an equal and opposite PhD.

Actually, a particularly bad PhD can be opposed by many. It's a way of
grabbing attention, right Adam?

Well, score one for the anteaters, since I'll forever Beave be and this too:

> A teen rat
> Ate et ran.
> Ear at net
> Earn teat.

and of course I'll always be a

> Tan-eater


As for TBL, I think there's sage advice in there:

38. I'm Ernest, rebel.

#66 is inspired trivia to boot. And if you want a ride from the Great One,

32. Enterer be slim. -- it's a nanocompact... once we bought $500 of liquor
together and the muffler was scraping the ground! :-)