Socializing at Caltech?

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Wed, 16 Apr 97 20:46:01 PDT

What is this, trying to give us so-called lives????

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> Subject: Social Opportunities
> Have you ever complained about social opportunities at Caltech?
> If so, this weekend you're getting your chance to broaden your
> horizons in a wonderfully ecstatic non-scientific way. (And if not,
> what are you thinking?)

What non-scientific way is both wonderful and ecstatic?

Did I miss something here?

> All graduate students are invited to join in a rollicking night of
> merriment and experiment (the fun, social, kind) this Friday night,
> April 18th, at Aftershock in Studio City. We'll leave from the
> central Catalina Rec Room at 9pm. Admission is $10, unless we get a
> discount due to the sheer majesty and magnitude of our group.
> However, designated drivers will be paid for by the GSC provided they
> agree not to drink (email chantal@cco to get on the list of drivers).

I wonder how much this pays...

> And be sure to bring a convincing (21+) id.
> For all you engineers and scientists out there, here's some unbiased
> input (from the LA Weekly):
> "This Valley hot spot is a restaurant and megaclub in one featuring
> three rooms, a high-tech lighting and sound system, four full bars,
> plus five nights of music and dancing. Friday, KIIS Dance Party night
> hosted by DJ Valentine offers dancing to all your top 40 hits."

Top 40 hits?! D'oh!

> Hope to see as many of you as possible there!

Sure, I'll be there. Yeah, that's the ticket.


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