Re: Oracle's NC does Rhapsody, Windows?!?

CobraBoy (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 10:36:23 -0800

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar at 6:10 AM -0800 on 4/17/97, came up with this gem :

* >The NC clients will also run Windows software, he said. The software
* >runs on the server while the GUI (graphical user interface) is
* >running on the client. The client can run NC-OS and Windows
* >applications and the applications and data servers can run NC-OS,
* >Windows NT and Unix applications.

There is already a plug in that allows you to run Win software with your
Netscape browser, so this is no big deal.

* Not sure what it all means, but this is the first time I actually
* considered NCs might make a usable home platform. Not that I
* "believe", but I'm willing to give it a second thought.

NC is way to little to late. Ms with Web TV is going to drive the market.
Just as they do.

The one thing I learned last night was why Microsoft rulez. It is very very

Microsoft executes. The .exe is perfect. No one can get anything done.
Microsoft does. It is like when I bought Word whatever with my Mac SE in
88. I received upgrade notices through Word 5. I almost bought it just out
of appreciation of there efforts.

Apple can't execute shit. Neither for that manner can Sun, SGI, Oracle,
IBM, Lotus, DEC (duh!) etc. The user community of Linux can execute better
than any other company other than Microsoft.

Personally at this point it is just getting to be the little girl that
cried wolf. Who the fuck cares anymore?



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