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you know, I've always said it. Greenday sucks. This is further proof. Get
busy on something real.



* Well now I have talked to everyone that claims and is a part of
* I have seen all sides of the coin now. Not really much of Adam's but almost
* all sides then. WHen I talked to Andrew and Jason in a chat room ahwile back
* over the Domains, it was warefare I wasn't sure who to believe it was all up
* in the air, I've talked to Jason much more since then and a lot came out that
* i think is true here are the questions still really remaining im my mind.
* 1. Who actully started
* 2. Why did you(Jason) and Adam combine pages and create
* 3. If Cara and Andrew never did anything on the pages why were their names on
* the site?
* 4. Before the site was official who actully owned
* Thanks,
* Dave


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