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Is Long Distance Name Game Misleading?

Miami Herald (04/16/97) P. 5B; Bergstrom, Bill

Florida state regulators have delayed their decision on whether
to allow a Texas long-distance phone company to do business under
the names "I Don't Care" and "It Doesn't Matter." In Texas, KTNT
Communications has registered more than 50 trade names, including
"I Don't Know" and "Any One Is OK." Customers getting new phones
are asked which long-distance carrier they want, and if their answer
corresponds to one of KTNT's trade names, then KTNT becomes their
provider. Public Counsel Jack Shreve, who represents consumers
before the Florida Public Service Commission, says that saying "I
don't know" isn't making a choice, it's simply stating a fact. The
PSC may resume consideration of the matter as early as May 6.

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