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Andrew Clute (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:54:04 -0400

With this being my first response to this entire thread, I have a question:
Where did this interview come from? Is his just some interested kid, or is
this from some sort of publication.

At 06:20 PM 4/17/97 -0400, wrote:
>Well now I have talked to everyone that claims and is a part of
> I have seen all sides of the coin now. Not really much of Adam's but almost
>all sides then. WHen I talked to Andrew and Jason in a chat room ahwile back
>over the Domains, it was warefare I wasn't sure who to believe it was all up
>in the air, I've talked to Jason much more since then and a lot came out that
>i think is true here are the questions still really remaining im my mind.
>1. Who actully started

If you are talking about the registration of the name, that
would be Adam and Jason combined. If you are talking about the majority of
the content that is now at and was previously at - then that would be Adam. Cara started
to help in the Fall of '94 with the process of rounding up content and
delivering it to Adam to be webitized. I, in the fall of '94 began to make
conversations via e-mail with Adam and through that became friends with
Cara (we both go to Ohio State). I tried to help Cara and Adam as much as
possible with the gathering of content and the HTML portion of it. I'm not
quite sure when Jason came into the picture, but it was sometime during
early '95

>2. Why did you(Jason) and Adam combine pages and create

This is a good question. I am not the end all/know all on this subject. But
from what I can tell, Adam was becoming overwhelmed with the project and
school at the same time. Jason at that time had expressed an interest in
helping/taking over the site. And the rest is history

>3. If Cara and Andrew never did anything on the pages why were their names on
>the site?

Our names are on the site because we did help. Cara was without a doubt
more involved then me, but we both tried to help as much as possible. The
reason that jason would say that we didn't help was because 95% of the work
that we did was BEFORE Jason come around......and the reason we stopped was
because we became very disenfranchised with the entire process and the way
that Jason became involved.

>4. Before the site was official who actully owned

That's the whole beauty of this entire one own's anything on
the Internet. If you are talking about the rights to the domain name, that
would be James Shaver (he is administration and technical contact of the
domain name. Why is this jason? And where is the site now?). Who pays for
the hosting right? That would be, from my understanding, Jason. And it
being official, from what I can tell, has changed none of this