Re: What the heck is happening to "ALTERNATIVE" music???

CobraBoy (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:52:44 -0800

Someone named I Find Karma at 11:42 AM -0800 on 4/18/97, wrote the following :

* > Did you really write that? Do you really use the word "arse"?
* I did. I was mocking them with their own jargon.
* > Well Adam or whomever, there is no such thing as good music.
* There is. Good music is Metallica circa the "Ride the Lightning"
* period. Good music is U2 circa the "War" period.

U2 has never been good.

* Good music is Tiffany circa the "I Think We're Alone Now" period. :)
* > Good music was Master of Puppets by Metallica when the world was
* > listening to "Crocetts Theme" from Miami Vice.
* Oh man, you are so right.


* > Real bands do exist. There is nothing wrong with techno.
* There's something wrong with techno outside a context of a rave.
* Techno requires ambience to be good.

and what is ambience? Orbital coming out of my stereo speakers while I'm
sitting here is ambience.
* > Explain in great detail why techno is worse than Adam Ant. Or
* > Poison, or Winger.
* Because, at least Poison and Winger kept a bunch of carbon-based life
* forms off the government dole for a while. All techno does is allow
* some geek with a PowerMac to make untold fortunes.
* *blink blink*
* I take it back. Techno is EXCELLENT.
* > Record companies don't have a desire to support bands for the long
* > term, or on the road.
* No shit. Look at what they did to Motley Crue.

Wait till you see what they do to Hootie.

* > They want one hit mega selling albums and find another. This was
* > created by Viacom and MTV. Again everything wrong with everything in
* > the world can be blamed on Viacom.
* I believe it!! I believe it!!! So, who can we shoot?
* Red Sumner? If we shoot him, will the world be right again?

Well on the Karma kills front, Sumner and Viacom is in big trouble. If
Titantic doesn't perform well at the b.o. it's just one more nail and there
isnt' that many more to drive in.

As far as fixing the record companies, you never will. Ask and of the great
bands in L.A. in the 70's about it.

The Screamers
The Alley Cats
The Plugz
Suburban Lawns



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