Re: Now Gingrich is on the Dole, too.

John Dobbin (
Fri, 18 Apr 97 17:25:39 EDT

Tim Byars (quoting John Klassa):

> * According to MSNBC, he's earning about $600k/year now with a D.C.-based
> * law firm, and is worth (in conjunction with his wife) about $4M anyway.
> bullshit! he is giving away almost 10% of this total wealth?
> just drug money being transferred.

You know, I'm starting to think of this loan as a decent
contrarian investment for Dole. He gets a decent percentage return
with very little risk, and if it becomes glaringly obvious that this
is a bad investment compared to other investments a year or so down
the road, all Dole needs to do to effectively call in the loan is
become a registered lobbyist, at which point the loan is replaced with
a bank loan. Of course I've probably missed something obvious here in
my zeal to defend my former employer's motives......


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