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Sat, 22 Apr 2017 15:31:08 +0200

Earlier in this thread:
>By the way, my group at INRIA just ordered me a 500MHz/256MB Alpha and
>Digital insists on shipping it with WinNT. We told them several times
>"no, we don't want it, please don't install it and don't give our
>money to M$" but they insist on doing so. I'll get a kick out of
>wiping it, but an expensive one. :( So much for free trade.

Well the machine arrived yesterday! We thought we could use the
pre-installed WinNT just to boot Linux from a CDROM but sad to say
WinNT didn't recognise the CDROM drive and we couldn't convince it to :(
So we formatted it off the hard disk and ftp-ed Linux on to it and
it's a fucking dream come true!

This utterly rules! The machine is the fastest I've ever seen, even
beating the AlphaStations with 8MB cache on big benchmarks, thanks to
256MB of fast RAM. The environment is the nicest I've ever used.
Linux is utterly cool taking everything from the big screen to the
fast HD in it's stride. A gig of swap space? No problem. Hey, it
even mounted the CDROM drive with zero hassle ;P

Bye for now dudes,
One *Fucking* Happy Customer (a.k.a. Rob).