Speaking of things French

Prabhakar Ernest (ernest@bcgla.com)
23 Apr 1997 00:04:32 -0800

Interestingly enough, my schedule may shift leaving me in Paris instead of =
London next week. Rob, is there a better way to get in touch with you =
than posting flame-bait on FoRK?

For the record, Hong Kong was cool, as was racking up two 14 hours flights =
in a row. The high point was that the LA-HK flight was full in business =
class, so I got bumped up to First Class for free. I drank a shot of Blue =
Label in honor of you, Rohit. (It was either that or throw up at the =
airport, and I just couldn't get that far into it:).

Life's fun here in Munich. I'm jet lagged, of course, but I'm using the =
early wake-up to go the mini-gym at the hotel. This could become the =
first business trip in which I lose weight! Of course, it helps that =
German food isn't that awe-inspiring. Yesterday for lunch, we went to a =
French cafe to drink Italian wine and eat kous-kous. :-)

-- Ernie P.
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And speaking of things French, there was an AP story in the Sunday Trib =
said the premiere tourist attraction in all of Gaul is EuroDisney. Even
amongst the French.

I have a can of "Joan of Arc" Red Beans in my pantry.


... sont equipees de bain ou douche et WC