Postscript Level 3

Joe Kiniry (
Wed, 23 Apr 97 11:12:22 PDT writes:
> PostScript may come at price
> By Alex Lash
> April 22, 1997, 5 p.m. PT
> Adobe Systems (ADBE) is updating its nearly
> ubiquitous PostScript printing language today, but it
> may come at
> a higher hardware price.


> The companies have not finalized plans to add a
> PostScript 3
> driver to NT 4.0. Microsoft won't upgrade the
> PostScript driver in
> Windows 95.

then explain me this; why is it the case that whenever i print to a
postscript file from a microsoft application it claims that it is
postscript 3.0?

why do these "device-independent" _never_ print correctly when one
sends them to a standard postscript printer? (yes, yes, i _know_
about font downloading, 95's X-thousand print drivers, etc. etc.).