RE: Postscript Level 3

I Find Karma (
Wed, 23 Apr 97 15:36:20 PDT

joebar wrote:
> I wonder how often people print pages just because they want a permanent
> copy because they know that pages change or move or disappear.

I do this sometimes. Actually, I do it a lot. Because lots of stuff on
the Web *does* disappear.

> It would seem that the better solution here would be to just make an
> on-line copy of the page.

Or better yet, have versioning built into the Web so you can just revert
to whatever existed at an URL at a particular date. *wink to UCI*

The more I look, the more there are archiving problems everywhere.
XML, lead us to the land of milk and honey...

> In other words, when creating a bookmark for a page, perhaps the
> browser should offer an option to keep a permanent copy of the page
> instead of just a link to the page.

A persistent local cache? Hmmm...


Once you have bad latency, you're stuck with it.
-- Stuart Cheshire,