Re: long distance rates ...

I Find Karma (
Wed, 23 Apr 97 18:56:29 PDT

Rumman wrote...
> One reason for the slash in prices is the February
> World Trade Organization pact which is opening the
> $580 billion global market. State-owned phone
> companies are lowering the rates charged to foreign
> carriers connecting to their networks, which translates
> to lower charges across the board.

Geez, telecom is going to become a huge whirlygig of
throatcutting very soon...

> i guess it pays to shop around and ask questions.
> last year i was paying 65 cents per minute to talk
> to people in the UK. this January when i got tired
> of paying exorbitant long distance prices, so i
> called several companies and got it down to 30 cents
> per minute, and i was happy. not once did they
> tell me about the 12 cents per minute option.

You should get one of those phone doohickeys that automagically
figures out what the cheapest rate is when you call.

Unfortunately, the name eludes me and an AltaVista search on
doohickey is revealing 300000 hits...

> btw, in Britain, even local calls are charged by
> the minute. would that mean more time surfing
> the web during work if we had that pricing policy here?

I don't know that the American worker CAN spend more time
surfing the Web than they already do. It would defy the
laws of psychics or something.


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