Re: ARPA funds Active Network research.

I Find Karma (
Sun, 27 Apr 97 14:18:57 PDT

wRon wrote:
> >> Remember my "pregnant with itself" comments about how the network
> >> really isn't independent of the higher layers in the "tabletops" post?
> >Si. Da. Oui. YES! Ron gets it. Just like Mark got it a few weeks
> >back with the XML analysis.
> Hey, like I said, I'm only to the point where I understand where you
> guys are coming from. I'm *not* completely happy with it.

Not completely happy with what?
With the realization?
With the outcome?
With the source?
With us?

> >For bonus points, can you see how the two
> >fit together like a preordained jigsaw puzzle?
> "Networking" is an application, oohh, aahh...

Looks like we'll need a judge's ruling... survey says...

I'm sorry, your answer is incomplete, but we have some
lovely parting gifts for you...

> Can we start our FoRK cash-spot-awards program now?

I'd prefer a FoRK "frequent buyer" program.

Oh wait, we have that already... it's called kudos...

[for those who don't grok kudos because Rohit never bothered
to explain them, just think of them in the same way you'd answer
the question as to why some peoples' Web pages look like nothing
but zapf dingbats... the answer is in the question...]


While such applications still lie over the horizon, it is obvious that
they will play an increasingly important role in our lives and that
their implementation will require XML-like data in order to function
interoperably and thereby allow intelligent Web agents to compete
effectively in an open market.
-- Jon Bosak, Sun Microsystems