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Sun, 27 Apr 97 17:13:49 PDT

Rohit's post reminded me that he asked that I
post this too, about getting Cheap Tickets.

One of the best sources for cheap airfare I've found is Cheap Tickets
(800/377-1000) with of fices in Manhattan and the San Francisco Bay
Area. I've used them to fly three times now (do mestically) and am
currently investigating a European vacation through them. If you book
wel l ahead, their prices are as good as any sale (for example, in
August of 1995 I booked a rou nd trip San Francisco to Oklahoma City for
$275 with 30-day advance), but Cheap Tickets seem s really to shine on
last minute domestic travel, that is, compared to other fares. It's nev
er cheap to go last minute, but they offer some amazing bargains
compared to the alternative s For example, in July of 1995, I flew San
Francisco to Neward round trip for $375 with only 3 days advance (United
and other major carriers where charging over $1100); in June I made the
same trip for $360 with about a week advance notice (again, major
carriers were charging over $900). I've reserved, but not yet purchased,
tickets to fly San Francisco to London (Heathrow) and Frankfurt, Germany
back to San Francisco for $897 on United Airlines (reservations make in
late August for an early September travel date). I'm still checking
around for better prices, but don't seem to find anything below $1100.

The catch? Non-refundable, non-changeable tickets. Miss a flight and you
are out the cash.


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