Re: Reality Bites.

I Find Karma (
Sun, 27 Apr 97 21:01:42 PDT

> * All of the best movie innovations were made (roughly) in the years
> * * between 1980 and 1994,
> That has the be the biggest single piece of shit, full of themselves
> statement made on this mailing list yet.

Ah, flamebait.

> Blade Runner,

Made in 1982. Fits the time period.

> 2001, Clockwork Orange, Road Warrior, Vanishing Point, and
> further back, Magnificent 7, The Great Escape, Dirty Dozen,
> Goldfinder, Dr. No, Thunderball, Dirty Harry, Rocky Horror, the
> Exorcist, The Omen, Alien...

Okay, you like Bond flicks, epic adventures, horror movies, and
cross dressing rock operas.

I don't.

So, in my mind, 1980-1994 was the best era for movies. Comedies,
romances, action flicks, independent art house flicks, sweeping
narratives, and John Cusack films are included.


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