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Someone named "I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national
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* > Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner, 2001, Road Warrior, Vanishing Point, and
* Vanishing Point? Vanishing Point!? There's simply no accounting for taste.
* Oh Lucky Man was certainly worse, at least in its sarcastic lack of an
* but VP had no point, and should have vanished before its flashback beginning.
* Of course, even Easy Rider falls down in a similar respect -- If you're
*going to
* rebel against the military-industrial complex (by *speeding*!), your argument
* rings hollow if it requires gasoline. Green Peace frequently makes the same
* mistake (We don't need your stinking oil, putt-putt-putt).
* I'll take Chariots of Fire, Platoon, or even Dune. But then, I like U2 and
* can't stand Aerosmith.
* Cheers,
* Greaser

You remember that much about it? I just remember it was the first really
good car movie that I could begin to identify with. Just some wacked out
guy in a white car smoking dope and racing around...

hey wait a minute!



When spotted doing 140 mph on the 101, I have Ford Motor Company Special
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off the frwy and ditch the cop.

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