Re: KUCI TOP 30 4/28/97

I Find Karma (
Tue, 29 Apr 97 10:26:14 PDT

> I've been listening to "Orblivion" daily, and it's really good,

I like the song "Toxygene" off it.

By the way, does anyone else find having new albums out by groups named
Orb, Orbit, and Orbital, totally confusing?

> although it does have a "secret" track about 4 minutes after the end
> of the last track, which annoys me. I mean, what's the point of
> having a seekable medium if you intentionally defeat it, for no
> artistic purpose I can discern?

To be cool? Nirvana, REM, Green Day, and Weird Al have all pulled this
crap, too. And Marilyn Manson did worse - they made the "Antichrist
Superstar" CD 99 tracks just to be a bunch of wankers.

> The new Chemical Bros. CD is really good too, although it doesn't
> appear to have hit KUCI's charts yet.

Too mainstream to hit the KUCI charts - it debuted on Billboard's album
chart at number 14 with 50,000 sales its first week out. I love that
song "Block Rockin' Beats" from them.

And I'm thinking about buying "The Saint" soundtrack, as per Tim's
recommendation. Darn, I've been bit by the techno bug.

> 13. That Dog-Retreat From The Sun-DGC

This is a great album, plus it was the first concert Rohit ever went to.
It's priced nicely, too, $7 new at Tower. Check out the song "never say

> 26. Ani Difraco-Living In Clip-Righteous Babe

Her first live album!! This CD rules... KCRW played it one morning.
I'm buying it the next time I'm at the CD store.

I also still recommend Ben Folds Five's "Whatever and Ever Amen".


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