Frequent Flyer Foibles

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Tue, 29 Apr 1997 23:55:12 -0400 (EDT)

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Frequent Flyer Foibles

by Finkstrom , Gary Fink

Paperback, 110 pages
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Published by Finkstrom Productions
Publication date: October 1995
Dimensions (in inches): 8.46 x 6.98 x .33
ISBN: 1888016000

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The author, Gary Fink & Randy Evert, 11/12/96:
What's so funny about flying commercial airlines?...LOTS!!!

After flying over 4 Million miles on commercial airlines, we decided
to share our experiences, as well as our humor with the millions of
Frequent Flyers who each day fly the comical skies. As we say in the
introduction of our book: "This book is dedicated to the millions of
business Frequent Flyers who routinely suffer the multiple indignities
of flight in the hope that humor, sarcasm, cynicism and vindictiveness
will help lighten the load without having to toss their luggage
overboard. If, in spite of our best efforts, you find this book the
least bit offensive or in bad taste... you're just not flying often
enough." We hope you'll laugh along with us as you page your way
through FREQUENT FLYER FOIBLES. This book makes the perfect gift for
anyone who considers themself a "Frequent Flyer".

Customer Comments

A reader, 04/01/97, rating=10:
This cartoon book is a MUST for all Frequent Flyers!

I found this hilarious little book in an Airport gift shop and it made
my return flight home a "laughter-filled" trip. I even shared the book
with the flight crew... they laughed even harder than I did! The
authors are obviously veteran business travelers... VERY FUNNY STUFF!
I highly recommend this book to anyone who flies...I have given it
many times as a gift to business associates and friends. First-rate

A reader, 11/12/96, rating=10:

If you have to fly for business like I do, you will love this very
funny and irreverent look at business travel on commercial airlines. I
literally "howled" at many of these cartoons... the quality of humor,
illustrations and the book itself is outstanding!