Re: Please remove message

I Find Karma (
Mon, 28 Apr 97 17:05:58 PDT


> Hello, I have found that you are maintaining a web page that contains
> an insulting reference to me in:
> I would appreciate it if you would delete the message in this file
> containing that reference.

Perusing the alleged file, I find the following which I guess is what
you suspect is derogatory toward you in some way.

> Need Garbage Collection Algorithm
> I can see it now . . .
> Ol' Denber wakes up early one morning and hears the garbage truck
> banging away. He jumps out of bed and goes running out with the
> garbage can as the truck is about to pull away.
> "Am I too late?" Denber asks.
> "No," replies the driver. "Jump in!"
> (With apologies to Diller, Youngman, Dangerfield, and thousands of
> other comics who have used this line a lot better than I have.)

The fact that the main character of this little narrative is named
Denber is coincidental at best, since I don't even know you.

However, so you will feel better, I will change the name "Denber" in the
story to "Rifkin", my own name, to demonstrate the universality of the
joke regardless of what the name of the character therein is.

What's in a name, after all? A name is a name is a name.
The Web is a big place, so you shouldn't assume every reference to
someone named Denber is necessarily a reference to you.


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