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CobraBoy (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:48:34 -0700

Someone named I Find Karma at 6:08 PM -0700 on 4/30/97, wrote the following :

* In response to Michel's email to me to remove his name from the Garbage
* Collection Algorithm in one of my Web-accessible files,
* Tim Byars asked:
* > Wait a minute. Is this all people at Kodak have to do?
* Second, it turns out that Michel really IS the person in said Algorithm.
* How was I to know that the ".es" stands for Xerox El Segundo? I get
* email from crack addicts, psychotics, neurotics, lawyers, pimps, drug
* dealers, teenagers, agents, headhunters, and morons looking for
* "e-friends" every day, so how could I know out of all the spammity crank
* e-mail I get that this guy was legit?

So not only do people at Kodak have anything to do, but people at Xerox El
Segundo? That is of course when there not hanging out at the "Wild Goose"


p.s. by the way Adam what do crack addicts, lawyers and pimps e-mail you
about? how to reach the drug dealers, teenagers and morons?


"For the record you're no loser"

"Yeah, but I'm no Eddie Van Blunhdt either..."

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