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Someone named Robert S. Thau at 8:54 AM -0700 on 5/1/97, wrote the following :

* writes:
* > But I just wonder, isn't CSPAN paid for by MY tax dollars? How do
* > [Microsoft] rate to get this type of coverage? (Ok, well I know
* > that already)
* That's odd... I could have sworn it was paid for by your cable TV
* bills, not your taxes. According to their own propaganda at
*, "C-SPAN is a private, non-profit business venture of
* the cable television industry. Even though the network's programming
* covers the political process, the network receives no funding from the
* government. C-SPAN obtains its operating funds from the cable systems
* that offer the network to their customers."

* That interpretation, however, does make it a bit easier to guess at
* what the minions of Redmond are doing on C-SPAN. Mayhap the cable
* industry now feels it useful (particularly in the light of the recent
* digital broadcast format fracas and the imminent deployment of the
* teledesic swarm) to curry favor with Bill?

hmm... Interesting. Well whatever Bill and his gouls were certainly not
talking about "at Microsoft we believe computing is going to go to these
area's that all have previously failed in the marketplace." They were
simply stating "this is the future of computing, and we need faster
processors and smaller faster processors to bring this wonderful world to

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they were in Detroit. So of course they showed
how to buy a car through the Internet. Which must have made all the car
dealers in attendance very happy.



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