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Thu, 1 May 1997 09:57:03 -0700

Someone named Joe Barrera at 9:41 AM -0700 on 5/1/97, wrote the following :

* So what's your guess of the future? Keyboards and mice and monitors
* forever?
* - Joe

Well in a word yeah. Of course I also believe that a car will always have
four wheels just like that old horse and buggy grandpa used to use. Call me

Let's break this down 1 by 1;

Pen based.

Have you tried to write a letter longhand lately? It's a pain. Anything
more than signing my name and I'm out of there. Also, let's not even
mention recognition problems. Ever use a computer after a few drinks, or
when you were really really tired? Ms can throw in quad P-PRO II mmxFXZx
Squared and I don't think they are going to overcome the problems.

Little Voice dictation boxes.

??? huh ??? Ever record yourself? Ever hear what you sound like? Pauses,
time out to get your thoughts together etc. I mean look, we have really
really nice Cray's (or SGI's) with university people sitting around with
nothing better to do than get this stuff working and I still haven't seen a
good real world demo of this technology.

So you ask "Oh great CobraBoy sage of FoRK what do you see?"

Well what I would like to see it more connectivity. Have you even seen Now
Up to Date? ( This is what I want. I want everything that I
own connected. I want to have a browser as the frontend to all I do. If I
have to program my VCR for Millenum I just want to drag a little record
icon over to my VCR interface timeline and be done with it. Then if the
tape isn't in it I want it to tell me.

I want my car to notify me either on my Pilot or Newton or desktop machine
that my oil needs changing. Then I want it to look at my schedule, see
choice of openings contact Jiffy Lube, confirm those and give me a choice
of when to do it. Then I will be reminded of that.

If I'm going to Downtown LA at 9:00 I want my desktop machine to understand
that and monitor traffic and tell me before I leave if there are any major
problems. I want to use my same VCR programming interface to program a TV
show if I decide to go out and can't get home to program my own VCR.

I DON'T want a computer to talk to me, and I don't want to talk to a
computer. Likewise I don't wish to emotionally bond with my computer. The
little smiling Mac face is about as much as I'm comfortable with.



"For the record you're no loser"

"Yeah, but I'm no Eddie Van Blunhdt either..."

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