Re: Gates on CSPAN

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Thu, 1 May 1997 11:43:11 -0700

Someone named Robert S. Thau at 11:06 AM -0700 on 5/1/97, wrote the
following :

* None of this is in any way unique to Microsoft, of course. The ads
* for Archer-Daniels Midland and General Electric on the Sunday morning
* follies (Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week) are a fascinating
* study...

ADM the winners of the largest anti-trust fine in the history of this country?

* (BTW, are these Bill's "ghouls", or something else?)

Damnit! My Memphis beta with the Tupelo extensions and the .DLL Orleans
service pack using the on screen pen must have dropped the "h"



Lets put the *fun* back in dysfunctional...

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