RE: Gates on CSPAN

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 1 May 1997 15:08:10 -0700

* = me
> = Tim

> * My Pilot has a meg of memory and a bitmapped display and a multi-MIP
> * CPU, all running on a couple of AAA batteries. Compare that to a
> * circa 1979, or a Mac circa 1984...

> Um... well ok, but do you have MacPaint?

I have something even better... "DinkyPad"!

> * Can you expand on this? What is Microsoft doing to impede
> * of everything to everything? It sounds like you're saying that
> * concerned that Microsoft will set de facto standards that everyone
> * will have to follow. One could argue that this will actually
> * universal connectivity, not impede it.

> huh? [examples of MS setting defacto standards] Want me to go on?

No. My POINT was, can you explain to me how Microsoft will IMPEDE the
imminent universal connectivity of everything.

> * But oral commands (input) and visual representations (output) are
> * mutually exclusive.
> * [...]
> * Voice recognition won't catch on until it's easy to use. At some
> * we *will* have systems that can understand "when's the next F1 race"
> * without getting all confused.
> Well I don't know about you, but I can look at something once and
> it far better than listening to it once. I guess it has to do with
those 3
> million visual inputs to the brain vrs the 300,000 audio.

Yes, granted, I agree. Visual output is not going away. But voice
recognition (input) will arrive. And again, they are not mutually

- Joe

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