Re: Doug Schmidt update

I Find Karma (
Fri, 2 May 97 08:37:56 PDT

> So after we use Doug's tools/techniques to successfully migrate DCE to CORBA,
> do we then have do CORBA to Java all over again? And, if the karmakids
> are right, is it Java to XML/PEP/http1.1 migration after that? :-)

That's where my money's going...

> they'll have spent all their money showing the rest
> of us how to build REAL networks. (munchkins, right Adam? yeah, I get
> it, I've been getting it for about a year now).
> DO-ers should read
> and
> for Munchkins and related info. (by the by, Cheriton is Ken Birman's
> nemesis. What fun :-)

Too bad Rohit won't let me archive his 20/02 paper on munchkins.

> Now I'm saying the same things in the Java context. Soon, I'll
> be writing letters to the emminent Rifkin&Khare, owners of

:) Don't believe the hype.

> replacers of the object cabal, pleading with them
> to for chrissakes include VS and multicast in munchkins! :-)


> http is NOT the right *TP, if only because it's built over tcp.

...because the key insight is that, although HTTP is built atop TCP
today, it doesn't have to be. What we're saying is that there could
be many implementations under HTTP, depending on what services are
needed, be they fast retrieval speeds, content negotiation, reliability
and/or ordering, "trust" information such as watermarking and dsigs,
or just type-attribute-value tuples... certainly VS and multicast are
buttwo services munchkins could offer. What's key is that we move from
specialized routers to everyones-a-router, and from lower level
transport protocols to a flexible, extensible, secure application layer
transport protocol.

> Now PEP I have to look at. Good, quick refs anyone?

PEP is a tough one to grok, because that cat's not really even close to
being out of the bag. Rohit knows what it is, Henrik knows what it is,
but the thing being pushed as the PEP standard isn't it! PEP as Rohit &
Henrik know it is a much stronger beast - perhaps they could elaborate.

> Does a PEP/VS integration make any sense?

Perhaps. More likely is a PEP/HTTP integration that has services such
as those provided by VS and multicast...


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