Re: 80 questions about the 80s.

Robert Harley (
Fri, 31 May 1996 12:07:09 +0200

Actually, that's 80 trivia about TV, film and music... which probably
explains why I can hardly answer any of them. Here's my attempt.
Don't laugh, I really tried.

> 2. Name six members of the Brat Back
One of them was Charlie Sheen, right?
(1/6 point <- my estimate)

> 4. Who had the trademark saying "Nanoo Nanoo?"
Was it Mork?

>17. What, according to GI Joe, was "Half the battle"?
"The start is half the battle"? (saying which I never associated with GI Joe).

>19. Who lamented about "No chocolate-covered candy hearts to give away
> and no wedding Saturday within the month of June"?
Blind piano guy. It's on the tip of my tongue...

>20. What famous Wham! frontman went on to record a multiplatinum record
> in 1987?
George Michael?

>21. What was Dustin Hoffman's character's name in "Rain Man?"

>27. Who was the original singer of Los Lobos' 1987 hit "La Bamba"?
That guy who died in a plane crash.

>39. What was the name of Michael Knight's car?, what was the name
> of his boss?

>44. Which red-head won Star Search and then went on a shopping mall singing
> tour that took America by storm in 1987 and 1988?
American with red hair, one of those Judd people? I'm clutching at straws...

>55. What was the name of the bartender on "The Love Boat"?

>56. Who was the head villian on "The Smurfs" and what was his cat's name?

>65. What speed did Marty have to reach in order to activate the flux
> capacitor? (once you remember the movie, this should be easy)

>66. Name the two mega-popular bands which got their start on college-radio
> in Athens, Georgia?
R.E.M. was one, I guess. (Who else is from Athens apart from Magnapop?)

>78. Who got his 100-meter dash gold medal stripped away due to
> his steroid use in the 1988 Olympics?
Canadian dude. Ben Johnson?

Total estimated score: 6 and 5/12 out of 80 i.e., 8%. So what's my
real grade? And since when does media-trivia-knowledge qualify one to
be an Xer?

Reminds me of the time we were hanging out in a bar in Phoenix,
Arizona and some babes came around flogging free tequila to those who
could answer "general knowledge" questions. Turned out that the
questions were obscure americana so Adam had no problem but I was
screwed (figuratively) and couldn't answer a single question! Beer
didn't help either. The girl must have felt sorry for me for being
such a neanderthal so she gave me a shot anyway. We chugged 'em and
then hid the glasses so soon another girl came around and we got a
second round... then a third.

THAT reminds me of one time in a Hollywood club where I was hanging
out on a slow night and so was Dan Ackroyd. So we chatted a bit and
then some totally hot chicks arrived to give out whiskey. They had a
Polaroid camera so we got them to take pictures of us. I kept one
(see Ah, memories!

(if you didn't grep for a warning before reading, then you can't complain).
In this message, I have not bothered pandering to the politically
correct attitudes in vogue in the U.S. and the U.K. That stuff
happened in France in the 1650s under the name pre'ciosite'. We learn
about it in school and laugh. In particular this post contains the
g-word "girl" as well as "screwed", "playmate" and the shocking phrase
"totally hot chicks".

PICS rating: doubleplusungood.

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