War of the words, VOXERS update

Tim Byars (tbyars@cris.com)
Sat, 1 Jun 1996 16:04:55 -0700

Man am I having some fun with the VOXERS. I am single handedly (sp?)
holding off the combined efforts of the "Big Brains" on the VOXERS mailing
list. And it is a combined effort since some of them have included a new
.sig to try to annoy me.

This more than proves my theory about people like these. Let me take you
through a typical VOXER session.

I post;

Voxers do not fully read my post, quote back to be and call me a variety of

I reply, ROFLMAO;

Voxers call me more names;

I reply pointing out to them what they missed in my original post;

Voxers now scour my posts for something new to quote back to me, and call
me names;

Again I reply ROFLMAO;

I have never seen so many "supposedly" bright people instantly reduced to
the level of elementary school intellect.



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